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Military Family Coupon Project - U.S. Army

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Note: "CC" stands for Coupon Coordinator

Please do not overwhelm any one particular base with mass amounts of coupons. They will be unable to process and distribute them and if too many coupons are received on a regular basis they will drop out of all coupon programs completely. When we started our project in 2007 there was only one other website sending expired coupons to military families overseas, now there are potentially thousands. As always, we recommend rotating the bases you send coupons to on a regular basis so everyone can participate. 

Our Current Base Address Lists:

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Army Community Service
Attn: Coupon Coordinator
Unit 28130
APO, AE 09114-8130


Army Community Service
Attn: Coupon Coordinator
409th BSB
APO, AE 09114

"We at Army Community Service are spouses and civilians who support the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade, The 2nd Cavalry Regiment, 18th CSSB Bn, 615th MP, 709th MP, 2nd ASOS, BMEDDAC, DENTAC, 7th Army JMTC, 903rd CCBn, 106th Finance, NCO Academy and many others. We pick up the boxes of coupons from our mailroom a few times a week and they do not last very long they moment they are displayed. From a Financial Readiness perspective, these coupons go a long way to help our great army families reduce some of their food costs. From the perspective of a military spouse, thank you for all that you do to support our Soldiers and their Families.  Happy and Safe holidays to all of you." CC

"Dear Coupon Family, I wanted to take the time and say Thank You for your great support and continuously sending coupons. The coupon program is a great help to our Soldiers and their families, and I am thrilled and thankful to have watched it grow in popularity over the past few years and especially over the past few months. We have a very high demand - people come in every day to get envelopes of coupons for themselves. A couple of months ago, we initiated a couponing class which is given by a volunteer. This class is highly attended by motivated spouses who want to learn ways to make ultimate use of the coupons that you continuously provide. In the past we have experienced that families benefit the most when the coupons are separated between food and non-food as they are able to quickly identify the stacks that they need at that moment... Thanks again for everything that you do. We truly appreciate your support here overseas." CC

"I would like to thank you and the GST Military Coupon program for your recent contribution to the Army Community Service (ACS) Overseas Coupon Program. Your contribution benefits Soldiers and Families while they are serving overseas. Soldiers and Families are always thanking us for providing these coupons, but it is because of people like you and the GST Military Coupon program that makes this possible. As you know coupons can be used for up to 6 months past their expiration date overseas and Soldiers and Family members are always asking for them. So from the Soldiers and Families here at USAG Grafenwoehr we would like to say "Thank You" Michelle and the GST Military Coupon program for participating in the Army Community Service (ACS) Coupon Exchange Program. Again thanks from me the Army Community Staff and the Soldiers and Families of the United States Army Garrison Grafenwoehr. Truly thanks for all that you do for our Soldiers and Families." CC



Do not send coupons to this base. Discontinued program.


Illesheim (illesheim)

Army Community Service 09140 - This commissary is now closed. It has been wonderful working with the volunteers over the last 8 years! God bless all of these families!!!

We have been asked to now send coupons to this base address instead...

Coupon program
Unit 23152
APO AE 09054-3152



Army Community Service
Bldg. 3210
APO AE 09142



This base has closed. 



Army Community Service
Unit 30401
APO AE 09107-0401

"On behalf of Army Community Services in Stuttgart Germany. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your donations of manufacturer coupons. Your kindness and dedication in participating in our Military Family Coupon Program is very much appreciated." CC

"Michelle, would you mind passing along a thank you to Joni Marzke, of Florida. Due to cut backs we can only respond via email. She unfortunately did not include an email address, but wanted to say thank you." CC

To: Joni Marzke - On behalf of Army Community Services and military families abroad. We would like to thank you for your kindness and support in sending these coupons, which are very much appreciated." CC



Army Community Service
Unit 28130
Bldg. 244
APO AE 09114-8130

"We recently received a thank you note from the coordinator who handles the coupon program at Vilseck, Germany.  They seem very happy to get our coupons." CC



Do not send coupons to this base. Discontinued program.



Army Community Service
Unit 29623
Box 062
APO AE 09005-9623

"The staff and volunteers of ACS and the service members and families in the Wiesbaden community would like to thank you for your continuous support of our coupon program. We provide individual and family services to over 50,000 service members, including their spouses and children. All coupons received from individuals, businesses and organizations are greatly appreciated and widely used among all branches of the military."




Do not send coupons to this base. Discontinued program.




Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator
ACS - 10th ASG
Unit 35115
APO AP 96376-5115



Yongsan (Seoul)

Base closing at the end of 2019. They have requested that no further coupons be mailed to them. Thank you to everyone who has supported this base!

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Our Current Base Address Lists:


If you have an address that we need to add, change or remove please contact the editor at -- with the country and address as we have listed above.  Although we do not post all the letters we receive we do try to include recent messages that would be helpful.


You can also help us by linking to our web site but PLEASE do not try to copy our list of addresses as this information is updated on a MONTHLY  basis.  If you copy and post the list somewhere else it will be incorrect within a very short time and that will not help our families overseas.  Trust us, this is a lot harder to maintain than it may look.  Our staff has been working on this Military Family Coupon Project for many years and we do our best to make sure our list is up to date every month.  Helping families save money on groceries is what we do! :o)

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Thank you for your support, and thank you for helping our military families!!!