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Military Family Coupon Program

Sending Coupons to Our Military Families SINCE 2007

Read everything you need to know about HOW to send your expired grocery coupons and WHERE to send them. Our base lists are CURRENT and kept up to date on a monthly basis. Thank you for participating in our program!

Military Family Coupon Project at

How to Send Expired Grocery Coupons to Our Military Families Overseas
by Michelle Jones, Founder of

Thank you for helping us keep our Military Family Coupon Project alive and well, since 2007! If you're promoting a new coupon project in your community or on your website or blog, please provide a link to our site so that our bases can be included. Here's a message from one of our volunteers... "These coupons save us thousands of dollars each year when used frequently and truly make life living overseas more affordable. We truly can’t thank you enough for your support." - From one of our many helpful coupon coordinators stationed overseas. We couldn't do this without them, or YOU!

Our Current Base Address Lists:

*  U.S. Army  *  U.S. Air Force  *  U.S. Navy & Marines  *

Please CONTINUE READING for all the info you need to participate successfully in the Military Family Coupon Project:

Note to Our Base Volunteers:  If you are on a base overseas please volunteer to help! PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO SORT THESE COUPONS BY YOURSELF, YOU REALLY DO NEED A TEAM!

You could receive thousands of grocery coupons each month by being in our program.  We encourage our members to send to different bases each month and to NOT "ADOPT" a base. The best thing to do if you are receiving unwanted coupons is to forward them to another base, or return to sender.  Please contact us if you would like to be removed from our list.  We have a printable letter our members should include with the coupons that will help you be able to contact us easily.  We have also added "GST" to our Military Family Coupon Project title to help identify who we are.  If your base closes or has an updated address, please let us know.


PLEASE DO NOT "ADOPT" A BASE (Unless otherwise noted)



If you have a web site, blog, twitter or social media page please share our link:

Thank you for helping with our Military Family Coupon Project, God Bless You!!!

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