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Note: "CC" stands for Coupon Coordinator

Please do not overwhelm any one particular base with mass amounts of coupons. They will be unable to process and distribute them and if too many coupons are received on a regular basis they will drop out of all coupon programs completely. When we started our project in 2007 there was only one other website sending expired coupons to military families overseas, now there are potentially thousands. As always, we recommend rotating the bases you send coupons to on a regular basis so everyone can participate.

Our Current Base Address Lists:

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* GUAM *

Fleet and Family Support Center
Naval Base Guam, Building 106
PSC 455 Box 157
FPO AP 96540-1157

"I just wanted to thank you for the coupons. I picked up some from our Airman and Family Readiness Center here on Guam and wanted you to know how much they help out!  I'm a stay at home mom of two so couponing is a very big part of my life.  It's hard for me to work due to my husband's schedule.  So thank you again.  I really appreciate it! - TD

"Thank you for promoting this on your website.  Military spouses, like myself, are very grateful to the people who take the time to send us coupons." - CC

"Thanks for the boxes, we are well supplied with coupons because of efforts like yours. The sorting by food / non-food is something that we have not tried (due to the lack of space we have for another set of bins). We have to dispose of coupons that are not used after 6 months, so normally after that month passes we recycle the paper -- then we bring out a new set of coupons for the next month. But if you want to keep sorting food / non-food per month in bags -- we can place those bags into the bins.




Volunteer Coordinator
Navy FSC
PSC 811
FPO AE 09609-0001



Naples NSA Commissary
PSC 808 Box 44
FPO AE 09618-0001



Removed... Received too many coupons.




NMCRS Coupon Program
Unit 35052
FPO AP 96373-5052

We have received a wonderful thank you letter for our continued support from the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society through one of our dedicated volunteers at NDPWMOAA. We have also updated the base address above as requested. 


Sasebo Fleet & Family Service Center
Coupon Distribution
PSC 476 Box 62
FPO AP 96322-001

Sasebo is receiving coupons again, however, please do not overwhelm them with too many coupon packages or they may need to stop (again).



Fleet and Family Support Center
PSC 473 Box 116
FPO AP 96349-0116

"I just wanted to share news that I received a nice thank you note from the base in Yokosuka Japan. They are very appreciative of the support each coupon brings to them." CC




Fleet and Family Support Center
PSC 819 Box 57
FPO, AE 09645-5500

"We wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for your continued support & coupons!" CC


* UK *


Removed... Received too many coupons.

*       *       *


If you have an address that we need to add, change or remove please contact the editor at -- with the country and address as we have listed above.  Although we do not post all the letters we receive we do try to include recent messages that would be helpful.


You can also help us by linking to our web site but PLEASE do not try to copy our list of addresses as this information is updated on a MONTHLY  basis.  If you copy and post the list somewhere else it will be incorrect within a very short time and that will not help our families overseas.  Trust us, this is a lot harder to maintain than it may look.  Our staff has been working on this Military Family Coupon Project for many years and we do our best to make sure our list is up to date every month.  Helping families save money on groceries is what we do! :o)

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Thank you for your support, and thank you for helping our military families!!!