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Organize Coupons

How to Make Your Own Coupon Organizers 
by Michelle Jones,

There are dozens of coupon organizers and files on the market today but you can easily make your own with very little cost. Note, I've tried them all. In my opinion, the best options are...

Small Index Card Box

Or, a shoebox. Add a set of dividers (either store bought or homemade) and label either by category (see my printable list below), alphabetically, or by the aisle of your local store.

Large Notebook Binder

Add clear see-through photo pages or baseball card pages to organize coupons.  Walmart used to sell the baseball card pages but they are hard to find now that EVERYONE is saving money with coupons. Your best bet is the sports card stores.  If you need helping finding them let me know and I'll do my best to help you.  Label sections by category, alphabetically, or by the aisle.

Simple File Box with Hanging Folders

This takes up a lot more room in your kitchen or office, but can be very handy when working with large amounts of coupons each week.  (For example, if you buy more than one Sunday paper to get more coupons.)  Label each folder tab either by category, alphabetically, or by the aisle. 

I have used many different methods of organizing my coupons over the years and found that they all work just fine. 

Whatever works best for you is the method to choose.  If you try one method and it doesn't work well, try another!

Here's a Sample of Categories To Consider for Your Homemade Coupon Organizer: 

Baking Supplies


Cakes & Desserts

Candy & Cookies


Chips & Crackers

Cleaners & Household

Coffee & Tea



Frozen Foods


Ice Cream

Jelly & Peanut Butter





Pancakes, Waffles & Syrup

Pasta & Rice

Pet Foods


Pudding & Jello

Salad & Dressing

Sauces & Seasonings




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