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Military Family Coupon Project - What Coupons Can They Use

What Type of Coupons Can They Use? 
by Michelle Jones

Military families stationed overseas can use coupons up to 6 MONTHS after their expiration date.  You can send them as soon as they expire, or even before they expire!

The sooner you ship them the more time there will be for mailing, sorting, distributing, and finally, money saved for our military families being able to use the coupons on base.  

In general, our military families can can only use regular manufacturer's coupons such as from newspaper inserts, coupon mailings, store displays and coupons you may receive directly from the manufacturer.  BOGO coupons are also acceptable.  They cannot use "In Store Only" coupons.

We all love printable coupons from the Internet and in some cases, military families overseas are able to use them too.  However, if they are able to use them, they can also print them on their own so it's probably best not to send these types of coupons.  (Unless you happen to have a handful that are expired, those would be great!)

Our military families have asked us to pass along this request... 

1. If you can, PLEASE separate the coupons into TWO CATEGORIES, one for FOOD and one for NON-FOOD. It is not always necessary, but helpful. 

2. In addition, organizing coupons by the expiration month is also helpful.

Note: Food, baby, and pet coupons are the most requested coupons and usually needed more than non-food. (This is likely due to the abundance of non-food coupons available to everyone in general.)

Dairy, Bread, Food, Canned Goods, Beverages, Water, Candy, Gum, Meat & Frozen FoodsBaby/Child Care, Cleaners, Toiletries, Make Up, Paper Products, Vitamins, Medicines & Pet Food 

If you are separating your coupons, place them in separate plastic bags marked "Food" or "Non-Food."  And/or divide the coupons by month of expiration. Remember, separating the coupons is NOT required, just a little extra help for the coordinators. 

While some families are able to move their pets with them when they go overseas, others find foster homes for them while they are away.  Expired pet coupons are definitely welcome though, so be sure to include them. 

You can also send as many coupons as you have collected, even dozens of duplicates.  However, a good variety is great too!  

Our coupon program coordinators overseas will distribute the coupons to multiple families.

Just be sure to CLIP them first so they will be easier for the base to sort, and easier for you to mail.  

You can mail as many or as few as you want. All coupons are appreciated!