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Military Family Coupon Project - Current Base List

Our List is Current - Please Link to Us/Do Not Copy 
by Michelle Jones

We appreciate everyone's help and are excited to see this volunteer service to support our military spreading all over the web.  First there was, then there was (and still is) and now there are dozens, even hundreds, of sites around the country managing their own coupon projects.  

It's a wonderful thing!

If you would like to work with us, our coupon project is always current and updated every month.  We are open to all U.S. bases overseas and work with coordinators directly on base.  We ask that our members rotate coupons between different bases each month instead of "adopting" a base because when they get overwhelmed with coupons, their mailroom will stop accepting the coupons. 

So please check with us each month for updates, before mailing your expired grocery coupons.  If you're also working with another coupon project, you are welcome to share the link to our base address page so our bases can be included too.  

When we first started out in 2003 we personally contacted the only Military Coupon Project that we could find, OCP.  We then directed our readers to them for several years, UNTIL we discovered their base list was NOT being kept current.  

Finally, in 2007 we began working on our own Military Family Coupon Project and have continued since then to keep our addresses and information up to date every month... and it's working.  

Our members are fantastic!!! :o)