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Toiletries Aisle

Save Money on Groceries: Toiletries and Other Grocery Items 
by Michelle Jones,

Tip # 1 - Lowest Price

Check your local stores to find the lowest price on the items you regularly use, such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, soap, makeup, etc. In our area, Wal-Mart usually has the lowest price for toiletries, unless the item is on sale at another store. And they also accept coupons.

Tip # 2 - Drug Stores

Read the sale flyers each week, sometimes they have products on sale for half price or buy 1/get 1 free, which just might even beat the prices at your favorite discount store.  

Tip # 3 - Grocery Store Sales

Same with grocery stores; they sometimes have really good sales on hair products, makeup, and toiletries. So be sure to read those sale flyers.

Tip # 4 - Dollar Stores

Don't forget to check the dollar stores, like the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc... they offer a limited supply of toiletries, but great prices.

Tip # 5 - Favorite Brands

Most 'Dollar' stores don't carry the same products all throughout the year, they just sell whatever comes in on their trucks each week.  So, if you find a great price on your favorite name brand toiletry and beauty items it might be a good idea to stock up while they have them!

Tip # 6 - Store Brands

Store brands are limited, but when available try them out.  I've probably saved thousands of dollars just using store brands over the last 20 years!

Tip # 7 - Refunds

If you do try a store brand product and find it's quality is very poor, take it back to the store and politely ask for a refund. (This includes brand names as well, and, makeup.)

Tip # 8 - Long Lasting

When you get your products home, try to make them last as long as possible.  That will help you save even more money!

Tip # 9 - To Stock or Not to Stock

Whenever you find a really great sale, say 50% off or more, buy two instead of one.  I wouldn't stock up much further than that, save your money for other things you'll need throughout the month.  Most items go on sale regularly so you can buy more later.

Tip # 10 - Department Store Free Gifts with Purchase

If you're one of those department store shoppers who loves to get a 'free gift' with any $25 - $50 purchase... my best advice is to toss the advertisement in the trash so you won't remember to get to the store before the offer expires.  (Either that, or consider giving your purchase AND the free gift to two very special people on your Christmas list. I'm sure they will love them! ;o)

Tip # 11 - Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are practically always going on sale (and offering coupons here in the US), so never, never, never pay full price for them!  It seems the industry has been working overtime over the last decade to make regular razors and disposable razors cooler than ever... but along with those sleek new styles come a hefty price tag when they're not on sale so shop wisely!

*  *  *

Readers' Tips...

"Instead of buying name brand regular everyday over-the-counter medicine products for things such as headaches, such as Tylenol® or Advil®, opt for their equivalent.  There is a law that requires store brand equivalents to work the EXACT SAME as name brand medicine.  The ONLY difference is that the non-name brand is less expensive than the name brand.  Just make sure that you know what the non-name brand product is equivalent to! " - Steve Muras

(Thank you for adding this to my store brand tip #5 Steve, we rarely ever buy the name brand of medicine products, just like you!  The ingredient name to look for when substituting Tylenol® is Acetaminophen and with Advil® it's Ibuprofen.  We also routinely get the store brands for cough and allergy medicines too, they all seem to work great.)

"My husband has a very thick, coarse beard. His employer requires him to be clean shaven. He has used expensive blades such as Gillette Mach 3 and Gillette Turbo for years. A couple of months ago he came across a tip to make them last longer than his usual 1-2 weeks. He leaves a Mason jar of rubbing alcohol on the bathroom counter and when he is done shaving, he dips the blade in the alcohol and wipes it dry. The alcohol prevents the blade from rusting, which is what actually dulls the blade. Now his blades last about 4-5 weeks." Missy R.

"I like to read instructions (or destructions, as I call them!) on products. I noticed that there really aren't any instructions on toothpaste boxes. So why have we been wetting our tooth brushes when we put toothpaste on our brush? I stopped doing that and have saved in two ways: we don't use as much water, and we don't use as much toothpaste. Plus, with the 'whitening' toothpastes, my teeth seem to be whiter. How cool is that?" - Sherall

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