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Juice Aisle

Save Money on Groceries: Juice 
by Michelle Jones,

Tip # 1 - Sale-Sale-Sale

This is one item that our kids can't seem to do without so it really makes my day when their favorite juice goes on sale. And really, with the juice aisles being so huge these days there is always something good on sale.

Tip # 2 - Juice Mixes

Compare the prices of bottled juices with concentrated mixes (the ones you add water to), including the ones in your freezer section. They are not always cheaper.

Tip # 3 - Cut the Sugar

Water down your children's juice cups with 1/3 - 1/2 water. Not only does this save money, but it also saves the amount of grams of sugar going into our children, and on their teeth. By the way - juice can ruin a baby's teeth so never let them go to bed with a bottle of juice, day or night!

Tip # 4 - Real Juice

If you haven't tried apple or orange juice that's not made from concentrate, don't.  It's so good you'll have a hard time ever buying the cheaper stuff, made from concentrate, again!

Tip # 5 - New Products

Sometimes companies will introduce a new juice product or flavor and the grocery stores will run a sale when it first comes out. This is a great time to try it out and (if your family likes it), pick up a few more while it's still on sale. Chances are pretty good that once the sale is over the price will be ridiculously high!

Tip # 6 - Coupon Sales

And as always (if you live in a country that offers coupons), when a new product goes on sale there will likely be a coupon in the Sunday paper to go with it--so match 'em up. And preferably, shop at a store that doubles coupons!

Tip #7 - Discount Stores

Okay, so I truly don't mean to sound like a Wal-Mart commercial here but their prices are really hard to beat. This is where I regularly buy most of our juice (and the children's snack juices for school), for quite a bit less than our local grocery stores can offer, even on sale.  You can also shop the discount warehouse stores such as Sam's Club and Costco, but so far the lowest prices I've found for the juices we prefer are still at Wal-mart.

Tip #8 - Fresh is Best

If you have children in the house who could drink juice all throughout the day try to limit them to 1-2 cups per day. Fresh fruit is an even healthier option anyways and can often be purchased in bulk. Especially apples and oranges.

Tip #9 - Water

Very few of us drink enough water.  So why not chill some in a big pitcher and offer that instead of juice, you'll save a bundle and the entire family will probably be healthier for it too.

Tip #10 - Good to Stock Up

If your favorite juice goes on a really good sale, by all means, stock up. Just continue to use it sparingly or you'll spoil everyone. They might start thinking they can drink a half gallon of Tropicana® every day. Trust me, this can happen when your children become bottomless pit teenagers.

Tip #11 - Just a Spoonful

Children are not the only ones who enjoy fruit juice, it's a refreshing drink for adults too. One way to have that fruity flavor without the high cost (and high sugar) is to add just a small spoonful of frozen juice concentrate to a glass of water. This is also a good substitute for those expensive flavored waters and mixes.

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Readers' Tips...

"Buy a thermos for the kids to take to school. Not only is it better for the environment, but it is so much cheaper to put juice in there than to buy juice boxes." - Laura

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