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Deli Foods

Save Money on Groceries: Deli Foods 
by Michelle Jones,

Tip # 1 - What's On Sale 

If you must buy items from the deli. Only buy what's on sale.

Tip # 2 - Think Thin

Ask the deli attendant to slice meats and cheeses really thin, this will make them go a lot further!

Tip # 3 - Grab the Bread and Run

In most grocery stores the deli section is close to the bakery which usually offers fresh baked loaves of French or Italian bread for a very reasonable price. The bread is definitely a good buy but sometimes I wonder if they're just teasing us with a low cost item so we'll come on over and spend a fortune on the more expensive items. Right?! If fancy cold cuts and prepared side dishes are not in your budget just grab the bread and run.

Tip # 4 - Prepared Picnic Foods

I'm not sure why it was exactly, but sometime after one of our very stressful job transfers to a new state we got completely hooked on buying prepared deviled eggs from the deli at one of our new local grocery stores. Paying about 10 times what it costs when I make them myself at home. Why, I just can't tell you. Maybe nutritionally our bodies were just craving deviled eggs. We'll probably never know for sure. But after about a month of this craziness I finally regained my strength to say "NO" and start making them at home again. Not only are they much cheaper, they taste much better too! View my recipe for Deviled Eggs... (at BetterBudgeting)

Tip # 5 - Use Your Oven

If you or your family eats sandwiches for lunch often, instead of buying a pound of sliced ham or turkey from the deli, consider baking a half ham or turkey breast in the oven. Cooking directions are often on the labels. Then, slice them up and divide into 1/2-1 pound portions and store in freezer bags. Just keep one in the fridge for this week and freeze the rest until you need them!

Tip # 6 - Freeze the Cheese

I also save a lot of money on sliced cheeses by purchasing the prepackaged varieties when they go on sale. You can freeze cheese for up to several months, however, I usually only buy enough for what we'll use up in two weeks. Thankfully, one brand of cheese or another is almost always on sale!
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