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Military Family Coupon Project - Base Updates

Base Updates
by Michelle Jones

As we have thousands of volunteers sending coupons to our base list every month, you may receive a reply letter from a base stating that they now have enough coupons and do not need any more.  If this happens just let me know and I will remove them from our list and make a note of their situation.

If you are a base coordinator and you have accidentally been removed from our list and want back on please contact us right away so your families can start receiving coupons from our coupon volunteers again.

We update our base address list on a monthly basis.  If you would like to share our information please share only links to our pages instead of copying our information.

And THANK YOU to everyone who is helping us with this amazing project!

If you have any additional info or bases that we should ADD or REMOVE please contact  Please include the country and mailing address in the format as we have listed on our coupon project page.    

If you don't personally know a military family stationed overseas, maybe you know someone who does?  Please have them contact us if they would like their base to be added to our mailing list! :o)