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Military Family Coupon Project - Would You Like to Adopt a Base

Volunteer Groups, Clubs and Organizations Who Would Like to "Adopt" a Base 
by Michelle Jones

Thank you for all you do!  PLEASE do NOT only pick ONE base to send your coupons to if you are going to send them often, or in large numbers.  Check back with us each month, or whenever you are ready to mail the expired coupons, and choose a different base that you have not recently sent coupons to.  

In other words, "SPREAD THE LOVE!"

Please read more about this in our sections what type of coupons to send, and our list is current.

Rest assured that some of the bases on our list are receiving way too many coupons, and some are receiving not enough. We can make this better if everyone will rotate mailing to different bases each month.

Please include our printable letter with your coupons so that the base can contact you and us if they need any assistance.  Their circumstances can change at any time, such as when a coordinator gets transferred, and we are doing the best we can to keep our mailing list current for everyone.  

When you send correspondence to the base, remember to include a contact email address for your group so they can reply easily.  And our site address so they can also correspond with us if necessary.